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Envision the Future

That isn’t just a motto for St. Nicholas Academy, it is how we view our mission.  We are called to provide a quality, Catholic education for those students in our region who no longer have a parish school option.  We are proud to be Cincinnati’s premiere regional Catholic elementary school, an interparish school drawing on the strengths of our partnering parish communities. 

St. Nicholas Academy provides a quality, challenging academic program, a Christ-centered learning environment and a variety of challenging athletic programs.  We envision parents and parishes working together to achieve the best possible Catholic education for our children.

With your help we will not only achieve our goals, we will exceed them.

Provide for the Future

You are an important partner in the future of St. Nicholas Academy.  We need your support if we are to continue to provide our children with a Catholic education. Tuition and the support of our partner parishes provide most of the support, but not all. Will you consider investing in the future of our children with a gift to St. Nicholas Academy?

For more information, or to make a gift, please contact Mrs. Aideen C. Briggs at