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When searching the Internet, please use GoodSearch with "Saint Nicholas Academy (Cincinnati)" as the selected Charity, or you can just use the search field above!

GoodSearch is a charity search tool where half of all proceeds go to our school. By specifying "Saint Nicholas Academy (Cincinnati)" we can generate funds for our school simply by doing the things we do anyway.

The search engine itself is based on the Yahoo Search Engine and is very complete. Each search is estimated to generated 1 cent for our school.

It is estimated that heavy internet users use a search tool up to 5 times a day, moderate users 2 times a day. If we all make a concerted effort to use GoodSearch from the link on our page (or bookmark after you click on the link from our page) this could mean a few thousand dollars for our InterParish school.


For those that frequently shop online, even more funds can be generated by using GoodShop for St. Nicholas Academy. By shopping from the links on GoodShop, 1% - 30% of your total purchase goes to St. Nicholas Academy. This can generate significantly more funds for our school. This once again generates funds by slightly changing your shopping habits – shopping via GoodShop for the things you are currently purchasing anyway.

Tips for using GoodSearch as your default search engine

  • Make your home page and use the GoodSearch field in the header to search the Internet
  • Download the GoodSearch Toolbar that will integrate a GoodSearch search box directly into your browser (highly reccommended).
  • Make GoodSearch your home page, with "Saint Nicholas Academy (Cincinnati)" pre-selected as your chosen charity.
  • Click the link above, ensure that "Saint Nicholas Academy (Cincinnati)" is selected as the charity, and then add to your favorites (please do this at minimum).

For more information check out the FAQ for GoodSearch or read more about GoodSearch.