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The 250 Club

St. Nicholas Academy Boosters are the financial support for the St. Nicholas Academy Sports Program.  Examples of proceeds the boosters receive are gate and food concession receipts from our gym, receipts from the boys’ basketball and girls’ volleyball tournaments and membership payments for the 250 Club.

 The 250 Club

The 250 Club is one of the biggest financial fundraising events run by St. Nicholas Academy Boosters.

Membership Form

The Kids, Boosters, and Athletic Board are requesting your help by acquiring a membership in the 250 Club.  The 250 Club has a drawing every week. Some of the benefits are:

  •  $75.00 will be awarded weekly.
  •  There are two $500.00 drawings yearly (December & July).
  •  Winning numbers are placed back in the box immediately so you have multiple chances to win.
  •  The winner’s prize will be mailed out and your name will be published in the St. John, Holy Trinity and OLSH bulletins.

The 250 Club’s fiscal year is August to July.

Anyone can join the 250 Club whether you have children at St. Nicholas Academy or not. You are only required to purchase a membership if you have a child or children who play one or more sports for St. Nicholas Academy. The membership must be paid before uniforms are given out.

Continuing the 250 Club is of the upmost importance if we are to maintain the quality programs, facilities and equipment for our children. The St. Nicholas Academy Boosters appreciate your cooperation in this matter. We’re sure the children will thank you too!

If you are interested in joining the 250 Club please fill out the accompanying form.

Help us help the kids!!