SPANISH: Learning a Second Language

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Learning a second language is a great gift to students in grade school. The earlier a student begins a second language, the more accustomed to the language they become and the easier it is to learn. Each year we will build on the knowledge the students acquired the previous year. In the early years, Kindergarten through 3rd grade, we will be focusing on enrichment. This includes subjects such as numbers, the Spanish alphabet, colors, greetings, parts of the body, community, animals, days of the week, months of the year, etc. As the students get older and are familiar with more grammar themes through their core studies, we will begin adding other vocabulary and grammar. These include such things as identifying subjects and verbs, subject pronouns, select verb conjugations, possessives, masculine/feminine words, plurals, etc. These subjects will help students be familiar with many things taught in first year high school Spanish.

The Spanish program at St. Nicholas Academy is offered once a week in grades K-6 and twice a week in grades 7-8 therefore the students will be well prepared for foreign language class in high school.

The Hispanic community is the fastest growing group of people in the U.S. and having Spanish as a second language will be a great advantage in terms of school and job placement. Language ability will be one more thing to put your child in a better position to enter high school, college, and the job market.