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Mission and Beliefs

Our Mission Statement

The mission of St. Nicholas Academy, as a Catholic elementary school, is to work as a community of disciples who think, act, learn, pray, and walk with one another, following in the steps of Jesus.

Our Beliefs

We believe:

We are called to be disciples who share opportunities for liturgy, prayer, sacramental preparation, and community service. 

We are called to assist children entrusted to us in their total formation, following the customs and traditions of the Catholic Church, the engagement of parents and guardians, and the best practices of elementary education.

Each child is unique and can reach their academic potential through a variety of instructional opportunities that support individual learning.

Families are the primary educators of their children.  Through cooperation and open communication, we strive to develop self-disciplines and personal responsibility, leading to positive relationships and mutual respect among students, faculty, families, and the greater community.