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St. Nicholas Academy History

Although St. Nicholas Academy welcomed its first students in 2007, its formation began several years before that.  Representatives of neighboring parishes experiencing a shift in school age populations met to discuss various strategies to meet the challenge of providing a Catholic school education with diminishing resources.  Taking a lead in these discussions was a group of parents who named themselves PLAN (Parents Looking Ahead Now).  This group made contact with area school principals and parent leaders seeking some solution to the problem facing these parish-based schools.  Investigating what was happening in other dioceses, the group uncovered a model, Rev. Joseph Atcher, Vicar for Education (Archdiocese of Louisville), was invited to address a gathering of interested persons from several parishes.  Out of this gathering St. Nicholas was born.

Two parishes, Holy Trinity and St. John the Evangelist, agreed to form a new school based upon this regional covenant model.  But making this decision was just the start of a most ambitious project. During the course of the next few months, a task force formed of members of these two parishes had to: obtain permission to close both schools and form a new school, identify a site, conduct a registration drive, hire a principal and staff, develop a working budget, complete a transition and file all necessary documents and reports.  By June, 2007, the task force completed everything but the move to the new site.

What sets an interparish regional school apart from other models are two factors-governance and support.  Unlike a school merger or consolidation, this model produces a truly new school.  The parishes that agree to form the school enter into a covenant agreement, pledging a fix percentage of annual income to support the school (accounting for some 25% of the budget income).  Each covenant parish becomes an equal partner in the school.  A Board of Limited Jurisdiction, composed of parish representatives and other interested persons, is responsible for the governance of the school.  This model has met with success in many other areas of the country.

In 2010, Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Parish joined into partnership with the two founding parishes and the school moved to its current location.  The new campus allows for greater flexibility and the potential for future growth.  We remain committed to the goal that inspired us from the beginning - to provide an affordable Catholic education for the children of our communities.  We are proud of what we have accomplished and look forward to a bright future



About Our Logo

St. Nicholas Academy came about through the cooperative efforts of St. John the Evangelist and Holy Trinity Parishes. The children attending the schools of these two parishes chose the school colors, gray and maroon. Parents from both parishes met to design a logo for St. Nicholas Academy, trying to incorporate ideas about the creation of the school and symbols representative of St. Nicholas.

The large "N" which dominates the shield is composed of two separate parts coming together to form one letter, representing what the two parishes have done in creating the school. The last part of the "N" is in the shape of a crozier, the modified shepherd's crook carried by bishops as a symbol of their shepherding the flock of Christ's faithful. The crozier design incorporates a cross with a sunburst, representing Christ the Light of the World, a well-understood symbol of Catholic education. The three balls at the bottom of the shield are found in every representation of St. Nicholas, alluding to the popular story of his gifts of bags of gold coins given to provide dowries for poor young girls. Finally, the gray cross which forms the background of the shield represents the victory of Christ which gives meaning to our lives as Catholic Christians.

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