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We are very excited about the creation of the region's first Inter-Parish School and believe that this model has a lot to offer to our children and families. Please take a moment to get to know us by reviewing our website and/or by contacting the School Office. We are very excited to launch into the next wave of Catholic Education in our region and hope you are willing and able to join us as we Envision the Future.

For prospective families, the best place to research would be to start at the beginning... Our History. While our history is very brief it explains why these parishes have converged to create and sustain what we believe is the future of Catholic Education.


St. Nicholas Academy strives to cooperate with the family, church, civil society and community in the total education of the child: moral, physical, and intellectual. While sharing in this task of education, the school recognizes its primary responsibility to guide the intellectual development of the student. With proper emphasis given to Catholic Christian Doctrine, this development encompasses the areas of Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, and Mathematics, so that the pupil may grow in love and knowledge of God. In this way, St. Nicholas Academy attempts to help the students develop both their capabilities and proper attitudes.

Existing as it does in a time of change, the school desires to guide the children so that they may readily adapt to the changes in the Church and in the society in which they live. St. Nicholas Academy wishes to instill in its students a respect for the individual, regardless of race, creed or ethnic background.

Parent, Student, Faculty Collaboration

Children are, in the most real sense, a special gift of God, our greatest responsibility, and the most significant contributing factor to the world in which they will live as adults. Parents, teachers, and administrators have an immense responsibility to these children and to God. At St. Nicholas Academy, it is believed that this responsibility can best be met by working together in close communication and in realization of our goal: A Catholic Christian Community.

Most parents find a level of school involvement with which they are comfortable. Very few parents in any school are really comfortable if they have no involvement at all with the community in which their children spend most of the day. It is the hope of the faculty and staff of St. Nicholas Academy that the years spent here by parents and students will result in growth toward more meaningful Christian lives. Catholic Christian education is the goal. Supportive collaboration and deep mutual respect are the primary means that help promote this goal at St. Nicholas Academy. Together we will "Envision the Future".

Objectives of St. Nicholas Academy

The aims and objectives of St. Nicholas Academy are:

  • To become a community of Faith by sharing with the Church and family in providing for the students' spiritual growth by affording opportunities for participation in the Mass, reception of the Sacraments, and the practice of daily Christian behavior.
  • To impact a basic knowledge of the doctrines and Gospel values and to encourage practical application of this in each student's faith convictions and daily life.
  • To help the students develop self-discipline, personal responsibility, values, and standards of behavior that come from within and are consistent with the Christian community, and to help students internalize the reasons behind the rules.
  • To develop in the students a deep respect for the dignity, rights, feelings, and opinions of others, in addition to developing respect for all authority – Church, civic, home, and school.
  • To provide guidance through the classroom teacher, with the aid of support staff, in order that the students may develop their capabilities and aptitudes in a way that will benefit them personally and society in general.
  • To develop the critical, creative, and logical thinking of each student by providing challenging opportunities.
  • To provide opportunities for development of the students' capacity to appreciate beauty in literature, art, music, and nature.
  • To encourage proper attitudes in health and physical fitness.
  • To cooperate with the home in encouraging the practice of courtesy and etiquette within the school and daily environment.
  • To develop good study habits and effective use of time.
  • To cooperate with the Church and family in combining religious and intellectual education, so that the students can live and work cooperatively with all God's creatures for the common good.
  • To "Envision the Future": both the future through the development of our children as well as the future of Catholic Education.